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Dennis Brazolot Ice Fishing with Son

Well it is that time of year. The snow has fallen, the cold has hit and the lakes are frozen… time for fishing, ice fishing!

My eldest son and I have been out a few times now to go ice fishing.

It is a strange concept to some people; standing on a frozen lake or river fishing through the ice.

The ice only needs to be five inches thick (12 cm) to support a snowmobile and ten inches thick (25 cm) to support a car. Where we were fishing the ice was probably 16 cm so we were good to go!

We were fishing for perch, bass, small mouth and large mouth fish or whatever felt hungry.

There are several ways to do ice fishing in Canada. It can be inside a hut with a fire; inside a ‘tent’ or just sitting on the ice. We preferred to be outside on this particular day as there was no wind and the temperatures were only -11C. (Trust me you will get used to it.)

We hae a hand auger (drill) and we drilled a few holes in a sweet spot on the ice and only ten minutes from our house. My son’s friend turned up with a power auger and literally drilled five holes to our every one.


Ice fishing is a fun activity. Next week we will go to the large river near us and go after big fish, Muskie’s pike, sturgeons and even some channel cats.

If you decide to try ice fishing, don’t forget your proper gear and your fishing licenses.

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