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Summer in Canada

This photo was taken yesterday here (3km) from our office.  It’s at Sandy Beach here in Hudson.  Summer has definitely arrived here in Canada, with long glorious hot sunny days! Temperatures are in the high 30°c and we are doing what Canadians do best – enjoying our great country!

As it is forecast to be a long hot summer here, beaches, parks and outdoor venues are opening across the country and Canada is open and getting back to business.

B.B.Q.’s are being fired up, pools are open and whether you like to hike, swim, bike, sail, play outdoor sports or relax in a hammock with a great book, Canada has everything for everyone, from pristine beaches, mountains and forests to fun, innovative urban centres to explore.   

My son’s and I fish right around the corner from this spot and we are able to get a bounty of bass, pike, pickerel and muskie.  There are even sturgeon here (rumours have been up to 2 metres!)

Everyone at Brazolot Migration Group is hard at work assisting our clients with their immigration to Canada, so what are you waiting for? Come join us!

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