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Expo & Workshops Agenda

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  Canada Web Expo Agenda


19th & 20th March 2022 – 11.00 am (London, UK time) (7.00 am Toronto, Canada)

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Please bear in mind; All timings may vary by +/- 2 or 3 minutes throughout the day

For a better experience throughout the day, we suggest you use a laptop or tablet. Please use the latest versions of web browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Mozilla Firefox. Do not use Internet explorer.

*** Pre-Show ****

Time (London, UK)
(Toronto, Canada)
10:30 am – 10:59 am
6:30 am – 6:59 am
10 Best places to live in Canada
A Quick History of Canada
Vancouver 2010 : Olympic Torch Relay showing all of Canada

Official Agenda

11:00 am – 11:02 am

7:00 am – 7:02 am


Canada National Anthem

11:02 am – 11:04 am

7:02 am – 7:04 am


I am Joe! (comical)

11:04 am – 11:24 am

7:04 am – 7:24 am


Welcome To The Day / Immigration Overview

Opening remarks and synopsis of the day’s events and a brief overview of the different visa programs available. We hope you will join us for the day, but if not, join us for the programs which interest you.

HOSTED by Dennis Brazolot | Brazolot Migration Group

11:24 am – 11:27 am                     Spotlight on the Province Of Alberta
7:24 am – 7:27 am

11:27 am – 11: am

7:27 am – 7:42 am


Family Categories | Provincial Nomination | AIPP

Who can sponsor you to Canada & who can you sponsor once you are in Canada; plus an overview of the Provincial Nomination, Atlantic and Regional Immigration Programs.

PRESENTED by Helen Brereton | Brazolot Migration Group

11:42 am – 11:43 am

7:42 am – 7:43 am


Spotlight on the Province Of Newfoundland & Labrador

11:43 am – 11:56 am

7:43 am – 8:03 am


Moving your Beloved Pets

Can they come? What is the process? Do they need a visa? Is there quarantine? Do they need to be ‘chipped’? Let us explain how your ‘other’ family members can join you in Canada.

VIDEO by Andrew Symons | Transfur

11:56 am – 11:59 am

8:04 am – 8:07 am


Spotlight on the Province of Québec

11:59 am – 12:15 pm

8:08 am – 8:19 am


Business Migration 

Whether you want to set up your own business or invest in an established business, there are opportunities for you across the country. If you need extra points for Express Entry & have some funds available, business migration could be for you.

PRESENTED by Dennis Brazolot | Brazolot Migration Group

12:15 pm – 12:20 pm

8:20 am – 8:25 am


Spotlight on the Territory of Yukon

12:20 pm – 12:40 pm

8:25 am – 8:40 am


How to Move Your Money

An important session on moving your money to Canada & other countries, how you can save 4% on these transfers & how can you get the best exchange rates when transferring your funds overseas.

Presented by Will Hewitson | Global Reach

12:40 pm – 12:42 pm

8:40 am – 8:42 am


Spotlight on the Province of Nova Scotia

12:42 pm – 12:57 pm

8:42 am – 8:57 am


Study Permits

How you can qualify as an international student; and what happens once you graduate. We will also provide information on how your family members can come to Canada with you!

PRESENTED by Helen Brereton | Brazolot Migration Group

12:57 pm – 1:01 pm

8:57 am – 9:01 am


Spotlight on the Province Of Manitoba

1:01 pm – 1:20 pm

9:01 am – 9:20 am


Moving Your Personal Belongings

Information on the moving process, booking a home or video survey, costs involved, what to take, shipping times, customs clearance & delivery. We will help you plan & budget for the removal of your belongings to Canada. 

PRESENTED by John Moynes | Global Reach

1:20 pm – 1:26 pm

9:20 am – 9:26 am


Explaining Canada to Americans

1:26 pm – 1:41 pm

9:26 am – 9:41 am


Express Entry

Skilled Workers / Skilled Trades / Canadian Experience Class (CEC). We will explain how you may qualify and what Express Entry really is.

PRESENTED by Dennis Brazolot | Brazolot Migration Group

1:41 pm – 1:44 pm

9:41 am – 9:44 am


Spotlight on the Northwest Territories

1:44 pm – 2:04 pm

9:44 am – 10:04 am


Questions & Answers

Get tips & answers to the Questions you have been asking throughout the day from all the previous presenters.

HOSTED by Helen Brereton | Brazolot Migration Group

ANSWERED by Dennis Brazolot | Brazolot Migration Group


2:04 pm – 2:05 pm

10:04 am – 10:05 am


Spotlight on the Province Of Saskatchewan

2:05 pm – 2:09 pm

10:05 am – 10:09 am


Stereotypes of Canada (comical)

2:09 pm – 2:29 pm

10:09 am – 10:29 am


*** SPECIAL ***

What’s It Like To Grow Up In Canada ?

Hosted by Dennis Brazolot | Brazolot Migration Group

Stereotypes of Canada (comical)

Young Canadians (Ages 11, 12, 15, 18 & 20) discuss their experience of being born in one country and growing up in Canada.

PRESENTED by Max, Nora, Denise, Alexander & Peter | Random Children

2:29 pm – 2:34 pm

10:29 am – 10:34 am


Spotlight on the Province Of New Brunswick

2:34 pm – 2:44 pm

10:34 am – 10:44 am


I.E.L.T.S. English language test

Get tips & information regarding the English language test. Your success in the test can

be critical to the success of your visa application.

PRESENTED by Shelley Mayes | I.E.L.T.S. English Tutor

2:44 pm – 2:49 pm

10:44 am – 10:49 am


Spotlight on the Province of Prince Edward Island

2:49 pm – 3:15 pm

10:49 am – 11:15 am


*** SPECIAL ***

Your New Home in Canada

Learn from Canadians about your first home in Canada, house inspections, mortgages without any credit history etc.

HOSTED by Dennis Brazolot | Brazolot Migration Group

PRESENTED by Julie Parry | ReMax First (Alberta)

PRESENTED by Alexis Drake | Mortgage Architects (Ontario)

PRESENTED by Phil Muise | HomeLife PEI Realty (Prince Edward Island)




3:15 pm – 3:17 pm

11:15 am – 11:17 am


Spotlight on the Province Of Ontario

3:17 pm – 3:47 pm

11:17 am – 11:47 am


How To Get A Job / Work Permits

Currently over 78,831 job postings in Canada, how to secure one of them? We will offer tips on how to find jobs & what criteria the employer will need to meet in order to hire you. Once hired, how to apply for your work permit

PRESENTED by Donna Vigliucci | Brazolot Migration Group and

Dennis Brazolot | Brazolot Migration Group

3:47 pm – 3:49 pm

11:47 am – 11:49 am


Spotlight on the Province Of British Columbia

3:49 pm – 4:00 pm

11:49 am – 12:00 pm


What Happens Next?

Closing remarks and re-cap of the day & what you need to do next.

PRESENTED by Dennis Brazolot | Brazolot Migration Group

**** Post-Show ****

4:00 pm – 4:04 pm
12:00 pm – 12:04 pm
Beautiful rendition of “I Believe” (bilingual)
Fireworks off the C.N. Tower

Participating In The Event

Dennis Brazolot

Managing Director

Speaker Profile

Will Hewitson

Associate Director – Business Development

Speaker Profile

John Moynes


Speaker Profile

Helen Brereton

Visa Processing Manager

Speaker Profile

Donna Vigliucci

Careers and Relocation Manager

Speaker Profile

Andrew Symons

Managing Director

Speaker Profile

Alexis Drake

Mortgage Broker

Speaker Profile

Julie Parry

Estate Agent

Speaker Profile

Renate Penkett

Estate Agent

Speaker Profile

Phil Muise

Estate Agent

Speaker Profile

Juergen Weiland

Estate Agent

Speaker Profile

Sean Stephen


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