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You could be living in CANADA!

Canada – You Can GO!

Skilled Worker / Express Entry Edition

WEBINAR (ONLINE SEMINAR) – Thursday, 4th November 2021 | 4.00pm (Toronto, Canada Time)

Skilled Worker or Express entry is the most common way of immigrating to Canada. It is a points based system awarded based on skill and education amongst others. We will be going over them all in our  FREESkilled Worker / Express Entry” online seminars! One of our new: Canada – You CAN go! series of webinars.

What is the Webinar about?

Thursday, 4th Novemberber 2021 | 4.00 pm EST (Toronto, Canada Time) – Register for next webinar below

Our new Canada – You CAN go! Webinar series SKILLED WORKER / EXPRESS ENTRY edition everything about how Skilled Workers are selected based on six selection factors and are awarded points for each factor.

Choose where to live!

Live and work anywhere in Canada!

Education for the Kids!

Free education for school-aged children


Amazing Health System

Health care and retirement benefits

Equal Opportunities

Employment equality with a multitude of employment opportunities


Fast processing times

One of the fastest ways to permanent resident/citizenship

Path to Citizenship

Opportunity to apply for Canadian Citizenship


You could be living in Canada!!

The largest, and hence most popular, immigration category. We will explain how you can qualify as a Skilled Worker and what Express Entry really is.

We’ll breakdown the Federal Skilled Worker points grid for you showing you how you can score points and how many points you will need to qualify as a Skilled Worker.  In addition, we will explain the Express Entry points grid and explain the difference between the two.

Coming to Canada as a Skilled Worker provides opportunities for you to live and work in Canada and apply for Canadian citizenship once you have lived in Canada for a specific number of days.

Canada – You CAN go!

Skilled Worker Edition

Thursday, 4th November 2021 | 4.00 pm EST (Toronto, Canada Time) – Register for next webinar below

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Canada - You CAN go! is a complete webinar series covering all aspects of Canadian Immigration. You may register and participate in as many as you like!

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