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You could be living in Canada within WEEKS!

Canada – You Can GO!

Business Edition

WEBINAR (ONLINE SEMINAR) – Thursday, 4th November 2021 | 4.00pm EST (Toronto, Canada Time)

Currently there are over 20+ different business visa streams for Canada and we will be going over them all in our  FREEStart A Business In Canada” online seminars! One of our new: Canada – You CAN go! series of webinars.

What is the Webinar about?

Thursday, 4th November 2021 | 4.00 pm EST (Toronto, Canada Time) – Register for next webinar below

Our new Canada – You CAN go! Webinar series business edition (for business visas) covers amazing new and existing opportunities to start a new life in Canada through business.


Is Business for You?

Have you ever thought about being in business?

Do You Have What it Takes?

Are you;  self-employed, a contractor, supervisor, business owner, manager or a professional?


You will require a solid personal net worth…That’s solid not high.

Minimal Investment Needed

You will need to invest a min of $100k CAD (approx GBP £58k)


Fast Process

You can be living in Canada within Weeks!

HUGE Increase in Points!

You can receive 50 – 200 extra points in Express Entry!


Your Future is Business in Canada

Have you dreamt of being your own boss and running a business, but are always waiting for the right time to make the leap? This might be the time. With a wealth of opportunity in Canada and WITH OVER 20+ BUSINESS STREAMS and options including new business, existing businesses and even franchises available ready to walk into, your dream could be right around the corner.

The webinar (online seminar) is a free no-obligation opportunity to learn information on Canada’s business programs and whether this could be your next move. You also have a chance to interact with qualified business visa consultants during the webinar also free and with no-obligation.

BMG has assisted many individuals and families with starting a new life in Canada; with business being a key service in our portfolio. So, talk to the people who are in the know, the people who can help and the people who really could make living in Canada within months a reality. See you at the webinar, just click the button to register for free.

Canada – You CAN go!

Business Edition

Thursday, 4th September 2021 | 4.00 pm EST (Toronto, London Time) – Register for next webinar below

Complete List of Other Webinar Topics in the Series

Canada - You CAN go! is a complete webinar series covering all aspects of Canadian Immigration. You may register and participate in as many as you like!

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