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Changes to Citizenship Availability on October 11, 2017

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced Wednesday that changes will be made to citizenship availability on October 11, 2017. These new regulations allow permanent residents of Canada to apply for citizenship earlier than previous regulations dictated. New regulations state that a resident must be present in Canada for three years out of a five year period to qualify (previous regulations required four out of six). To support your citizenship application you must also prove your income taxes for the same period of three years.

Additionally, permanent residents who entered Canada as temporary residents may now attribute some of their temporary time towards their residency requirements. Temporary residents may now count each day as a temporary resident as a half-day towards their residency requirement, up to a limit of 365 days. As such, if a resident was temporary for two years before becoming permanent, they may claim one additional year towards their citizenship application. The temporary time must be within five years of making an application.

These changes have been expected since the adoption of Bill C-6 in June, 2017, and more are expected to follow in 2018. Other changes include: only applicants aged 18-54 are required to pass language and knowledge requirements for citizenship (previously ages 14-64).

Residents who become eligible under new regulations must wait until October 11 to apply. New application forms and guides will be made available at that time.

For more information, please read the official announcement:


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