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Canada is Top Choice for Brits (YouGov Poll)

The worldwide online community YouGov conducted a poll of the top ten countries Britons would like to emigrate to and Canada came out on top with 67% of votes. Canada as a country is welcoming to immigrants and its immigration policies reflect this. However, there are multiple reasons Canada is attractive to immigrants.

The country has low crime rates compared to other countries and this, coupled with free public education systems throughout the provinces offering a high standard of education, makes it attractive to families as well as individuals.

Most of the main cities across the country offer excellent social activities with festivals throughout the year and world class restaurant and fine dining experiences. Canadians enjoy a high quality of life in all the provinces with free healthcare systems, employment opportunities and access to outdoor and indoor activities throughout the provinces and territories. Indeed, Canada is home to 47 federal parks which encompass some of the most beautiful geography in the world.

Canada 67%
New Zealand 64%
Sweden 52%
Netherlands 51%
Switzerland 51%
Italy 50%
USA 50%
Ireland 49%
Denmark 47%
Spain 47%


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