June Canada WebExpo & Workshop series - Brazolot Migration Group

June Canada WebExpo & Workshop series

WOW! Thanks for a great weekend!

Almost 1,500 people have registered for our Canada WebExpo & Workshop series and again this past weekend we welcomed attendees from the U.K. and all around the world! Thank you for your engagement & feedback over the weekend; we trust you found it useful, informative & entertaining. We certainly enjoyed meeting you online.

It’s important that you receive information about relocating to Canada from people who are licensed experts in their field of work. We have been able to reach out to over 172,960 who have shown interest in starting a FRESH LIFE in CANADA and we trust will come back and listen and realise what they have missed!

Many thanks to our partners and affiliates, whose participation helped to make the WebExpo successful:

Will Hewitson – www.globalreachgroup.com
John Moynes – www.pss.uk.com
Andrew Symons – www.transfuranimals.com
Alexis Drake – www.mortgagearchitects.ca/adrake
Juergen Weiland – www.juergenhaus.ca
Christopher Odd – www.homeinspectionscalgary.ca
Alison Marshall – www.alisonmarshall.ca

Cudo’s to Max, Denise, Alexander and Peter who shared a youth’s perspective of being born in another country and growing up in Canada. A massive thank you to our managers Helen Brereton, Donna Vigliucci and Amanda Morgan for their work and coordination in our BMG office.

For those that did participate, remember to return your free Evaluation Worksheet by this Wednesday; July 1st (CANADA DAY ! ) for prompt processing. (Our office will be closed to celebrate CANADA Day but we will review your worksheet’s when we are back in the office).

Finally; I thank you for watching and providing your positive feedback and questions. We look forward to talking to you in your private follow-up consultations.

Happy Canada Day, take care and stay safe!

Dennis Brazolot

P.S. For those who missed our WebExpo, please check our website for future events.

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