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Immigration Private Consulation – EN (CAD $112.00)


Start achieving your dream by completing the Confidential Evaluation Worksheet and sending it back to us with a copy of your current CV. When we receive your Evaluation Worksheet we will assess your eligibility to live and work in Canada.

Moving to Canada will give you

  • A new start;
  • A future with more time for your family;
  • Improved employment opportunities;
  • A better life for you and your children;
  • An outdoor lifestyle;
  • Friendly & welcoming communities;
  • A safer environment for you and your family;
  • Great public education;
  • Time to be you with a better work/life balance.

So complete our assessment today, and build a better tomorrow for your family.


Upon completion of our assessment, you will receive confirmation of your eligibility, occupational information and a Question & Answer sheet. Also included are dates
and locations for upcoming immigration and employment meetings with our migration specialists for an in depth explanation of your results.

A free Face to Face/Skype Consultation*

Once you have completed your assessment and if you *have the requirements to emigrate to Canada, you will be offered an hour and a half  face-to-face/Skype consultation (worth £275) with one of our  Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultants at a location nearest to you. During this meeting your questions will be answered and a step-by-step process will be provided to show you how we can achieve your Canadian dream.

Why are you waiting?

Your future and a better life for your family is waiting for you. As with all journeys, this one starts with a simple step; completing an assessment that allows us to provide you with advice on how you may proceed with your relocation to Canada.

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