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Adrian and Fiona – Canadian Citizenship Ceremony

Congratulations to Adrian and Fiona are now Canadian Citizens thanks to help from BMG. Click Here for More

Nadine and Gus Thompson – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Canadian Passport

Thank you for such wonderful news. We are indeed elated and must say a big thank you to the Brazalot team members with special emphasis to Beau, Helen. Donna. Samson. and Amanda. Give our regards to the team. Click Here for More

Robert Harrison & Dale Foulser – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

We went first to a show on emigrating from the UK back in the mid-2000s - having been to the show it was clear that the Brazolot Migration Group was the right fit for us. Beau initially screened us, and took the time to understand our personal circumstances in order to identify the most appropriate way of commencing our emigration journey. We were allocated Helen as our 'case worker', who meticulously worked with us to ensure that our application was correct, accurate and acceptable to Canadian Immigration. To our delight, after waiting for approximately 18 months, our application for Permanent Residency to Canada was accepted and we moved to Canada... Click Here for More

Kevin Kelly – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Toronto Canada

Since I made my contact with Brazolot Migration Group (BMG), I have found the process very easy and well led by the employees, from not just the reception but to all staff. From the moment you start to the end you get the professional service and even when your final goal is reached they still keep in touch just to make sure everything is ok and if you have any questions for them. I did reach my goal and found a trucking company that was the perfect company for me. With the Permanent residence application BMG took me all the way through the process to where I was granted the... Click Here for More

Douglas Macdonald – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Canadian Flag in the mountains

I met Denis on an airplane. Coincidentally I was in need of his service. He and the rest of the team were professional and always pleasant to deal with. More important is that you (BMG) did what you said you would. Douglas Macdonald Click Here for More

Maria Clarke – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Toronto Canada

Christopher Hancock was my case officer in my application for permanent residency in Canada. He listened, empathized and offered encouragement throughout the process and when I bothered him continually for updates, he gave me continual support and reassurance. 11 months after my application was submitted I received my acceptance of Permanent Residency and had documents in my hand enabling me enter Canada as my new home. I arrived in Toronto on February 22nd 2019 and 18 months later, I have never looked back. I feel so blessed and so happy and I thank Brazolot for the great service they provided. They are experts in immigration and have sound knowledge of... Click Here for More

Nicola and Hamish Donaldson – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Canadian Passport

We had a couple of bad experiences with Immigration Companies and were very dubious to start with when we connected with Brazolot Migration Group. However, our fears were overturned very quickly as soon as we met Dennis and we knew then that this team knew exactly what they were doing. From our initial sign up all the way through to getting our citizenship in Canada, the team were always there to help, by phone or by email and they guided us through the whole process with very few hiccups. We would highly recommend this team, they are always friendly, professional and always there when we needed help and advice. We... Click Here for More

Odette Chin – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Dear Dennis, Good day and thank you for your email. You are a very special person. I still remember the day we met with you when we wanted to make the decision to move to Canada and how hopeful we were after our meeting with you. You have a fantastic team and I have (not sure if they used your service) and will continue to refer potential clients. Thank you and keep-up the great service you provide to make lives better for us. Odette Chin BSc, RPN Click Here for More

The Shami Family – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

British Columbia

I met Dennis a couple of times at a migration seminars in London and attended his presentations, having been caught out by a change in the rules when we tried applying ourselves we decided to use a immigration consultant as they would be more informed about the rules and regulations then we were. So we chose BMG. For the cost of a secondhand car Dennis and his team were able to put my family and myself on the path to a new life in Canada. BMG helped us to get all the documentation and evidence together and fill in the forms and get everything done in time to optimize our... Click Here for More

Sally and Jean-Michel – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Alberta Canada

Thank you and merci to BMG and to Christopher Hancock in particular for accompanying us on our journey to Canada. Your expertise, guidance and dedication have paid off! Very Happy Clients. Sally and Jean-Michel from England Click Here for More

Nika Congdon & Karola van Biljon – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Canadian Passport

Thanks to the professional and helpful services of the Brazolot team, we never once felt unsure or confused with the very tricky immigration process !!!!! The decision to move to another country can be daunting and stressful, so much so that some people decide to leave the process all together or give up before they even get started. With Christopher guiding us, the process was a breeze. He was there to clarify and simplify things with each new challenge that came our way. He sent things step by step throughout the process as to allow us time to get documents or fill out paperwork without overwhelming us. We were always... Click Here for More

Mr and Mrs Mbah – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Ontario Canada

Dear Brazolot Migration Group (B.M.G) My Family and I wish you thank for enormous help, guidance, attention to detail, patience and professionalism your group showed towards us over the past 12 to 15 months of working with you. You were timely and efficient in your approach and always a phone call away. Absolutely delightful and we have already recommended you to our friends. We are now in Canada and only wish we had moved sooner as it is such a peaceful country. We wish you all the very best going forward. Mr and Mrs Mbah. Click Here for More

Mark Solly – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Four over 4 years Brazolot Migration Group has been helping me through permanent residency through to the citizenship process. And I could not be any happier. They listened and replied to all my stresses and worries with calmness and kindness. They took all the anxiety out of the process with clear instruction. On a personal note, Helen became like a friend over the years and I would have failed if it wasn't for her. B.M.G. is like an extended family. Highly recommended! Mark Solly Click Here for More

Louise Allmark & Christopher Mitchell – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Canadian Flag in the mountains

Brazolot have been an pleasure to communicate with from the word go. Christopher has been a great help at every step, having an answer for all our questions. We cannot wait to start our new life in Canada. Given the demanding nature of our current jobs, Brazalot has made this possible by taking the load off organising such a mammoth life step, allowing us to breeze through, making it worth every penny. Cheers Louise Allmark & Christopher Mitchell Click Here for More

Laura and Dan Carrick – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Vancouver Canada

We had been thinking about moving abroad for many years, but it wasn’t until we went to an expo led to Beau, that we knew we would be making the right decision. He was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and we instantly felt that Beau and Brazolot Migration Group were the right people to help us with making such a massive decision. Every step of the way they were supportive and encouraging. They dealt with all our questions and queries (even what we thought were stupid questions) with patience and enthusiasm. Emigrating is such a big thing to do, but with their help and support, we never felt overwhelmed or even nervous. Brazolot... Click Here for More

Diane and Dave Rimmer – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

British Columbia

Hi Dennis, trust y'all are well. We, (Diane, myself, Dave, Daniel and Sharon plus our darling Granddaughter Chloe, born in Canada 18 months ago) would like to take this opportunity to show our gratitude to yourself and your team. (Especially to Helen for the outstanding professionalism and courtesy shown to us in what was quite a hair raising paperwork exercise). Now here we are 4 years on having just taken the oath and becoming Canadian citizens. We cannot emphasise enough how Helen has guided and supported us to this final goal. Of course we wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to any interested parties and we are happy to be referred to as an example. Diane... Click Here for More

Laura Brown & Michael Allinson – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Alberta Canada

We were introduced to Brazolot Migration Group (B.M.G.) in December 2012 at an immigration expo and they have supported us through our 5 year journey to obtaining Permanent Residency status in Canada. It was a long process with changes to the eligibility criteria along the way, but the team at Brazolot, and in particular Chris, supported us throughout the whole process and never once dropped the ball in achieving our goal of residency in Canada. Chris was always on hand keeping us up to date with the latest information and status of our application, and has also helped with our pre move queries. It was a pleasure working with Brazolot,... Click Here for More

Kaleigh & Jon S – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

"We started our immigration process 4+ years ago, when a friend of my husbands recommended BMG to us!  We had no idea what we were in for, and how long the process would take, but Dennis & Joanne kept us up to speed the whole way. We went through a few different avenues, and the team were able to work with us and never missed a beat with the various visas and eventually residency.  Even with a hiccup at the end of the process, BMG were there to help us every step of the way, and made sure we didn't feel like we were left in the dark. We are... Click Here for More

Barnaby Sprague – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Vancouver Canada

Dear Beau, Last week I got back from Vancouver as a new PERMANENT RESIDENT OF CANADA and I wanted to get in touch. Negotiating Canadian bureaucracy and its faceless immigration system has been the most daunting - yet ultimately rewarding! - experience and I couldn't have done it without Brazolot Migration. As I neared the end of my working holiday visa in summer 2015, I remember thinking that I would give my left arm to achieve permanent residency. And here I am as a permanent resident, and it all started when a friend of mine suggested I give you a call. As someone that has had 3 failed visa applications since 2013... Click Here for More

Alexia Cazan & Giampaolo Litta – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Canadian Flag in the mountains

Our adventure with Brazolot Migration Group started back in 2014 when we met in Birmingham UK during an immigration fair. A couple of weeks after the fair we had a skype call with Dennis, who was very kind and clear in explaining the steps we needed to take in order to apply for a visa. Unfortunately, some family issues prevented us from moving forward at the time, but a few years later, when all was back to normal we contacted Dennis again. Much to our surprise, he remembered us from before and once again took us through what was needed to apply for a visa. A couple of days later,... Click Here for More

Agnieszka & Tomasz Spustek – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Alberta Canada

Our adventure with Canada started back in June 2016 and has been finalized as a Christmas present in 2017. We have been thinking of moving to Canada for a couple of years and we would have never thought that one day our dream will come true. And so it does.  We first met Dennis Brazolot at Canada Live show in Birmingham. Dennis's enthusiasm and knowledge encouraged us to try our luck and apply for PR in Canada.   We filled in the application form and waited for Dennis to get in touch with us. Once started, we were emailed by Christopher Hancock, the best case worker in the world. He was not only... Click Here for More

Ivo Parichkov & Tatiana Besleaga – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

We have worked with Brazolot Migration Group (B.M.G.) for little more than a year. We had a great experience. They tried hard to help us so that we can see our dreams become a reality. We did have an unusual situation which was not an easy one. We can say loudly; They DID IT! Thank you to Marion who helped us every step of the way, even when we were scared and in disbelief she was there. To Dennis Brazolot for assuring us that we have a future in Canada. We would like to say thank you to all the B.M.G. crew. Thank you! Ivo Parichkov & Tatiana Besleaga Click Here for More

Chris & Kathryn Gregory – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Vancouver Waterfront

Kathryn and I would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation for all the hard work everyone at Brazolot Migration Group (in particular Joanne) has put in, to help us attain our permanent residency visas. Our journey of immigration started with an impromptu trip from Bath to Birmingham to attend a 'Canada Live' event. After hearing a presentation from another company about applying to emigrate to Australia, we sat there thinking just how unlikely it will be we would ever be able to emigrate to another country. However, we came to learn more about Canada, so stayed for the Brazolot seminar. We are so so glad we did. Helen stepped up... Click Here for More

Paul & Sue Walters – Canadian Immigration Update

Toronto Canada

Dear Dennis, Hope you are well. We wanted to give you an update. Firstly, the update....Great news.. ...During a visit to Toronto in November I secured a Senior PM position. I am due to start with them in January! Sue and I are so excited. Whilst in Toronto we also had our PR signed, opened a bank account with RBC and got our SINs, so it was a very productive trip! We often think back to our meeting with you on the 29th Nov 2016, at the Hilton Hotel in Birmingham. When I asked you how quick we could obtain PR and be able to move to Toronto, you said,... Click Here for More

The Mine’s – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Canadian Flag in the mountains

Hi Dennis, We are so happy that we finally received our passports with stamped visas and COPR. Words cannot express how thankful we are for all BMG staff's patience, dedication and expertise in getting us the immigrant visas we have only dreamt of before. You made it a reality for us. I may have been a difficult client but all of you were very patient and understanding and I appreciate that. We may have been very anxious with our visa application but we always have faith with BMG, a very trustworthy Canadian Relocation and Visa Specialist! You delivered your promise! Special mentions to Christopher, Marion, Annabel, Helen, Nina & Donna.... Click Here for More

The Machin’s – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Alberta Canada

May I take this opportunity the thank all who helped us over the past decade to get to where we are, it was truly a life changing experience. And please convey the magnitude of our positive experience to Dennis as well; our lives really did change for the better in so many ways. Almost too many to list.. I greatly appreciated Dennis`s straight to the point approach. If he were to come with a marketing label it would read "Does what it says on the tin." On a last footnote you may use that quote for a customer testimonial. Once again to all that helped, Many thanks. Signing off, Gareth, Debbie,... Click Here for More

Devan & Jas Pandya – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Vancouver Canada

My wife Jas and I are incredibly grateful to Brazolot Migration Group (BMG) and in particular Joanne, our case specialist. This has been an 18 month journey from our very first conversation with BMG, to our recently receiving our permanent residency documents for Canada. Applying to relocate to another country can be daunting, emotional and stressful for those of us new to the process, however Joanne was there throughout at every stage, explaining what was happening with our application and what was required from us to progress - and patiently answering a hundred different questions I would email to her! Without her professionalism and guidance our application would certainly not... Click Here for More

Li Huang – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Alberta Canada

I would like to share my appreciation to all of you for the support along the way to obtain my permanent residence status. When I began to look into this process, I was very confused about the steps, and had very little idea about some of the terms used in the application. I was very anxious, as I was not sure what the future is going to be after I worked so hard in Canada for about 6 years. I knew I really wished to stay in Canada, because I had already built a life here. It felt like a burden that I carried with me everywhere. Then I began... Click Here for More

Charlotte Eggleton & Nicolas Dunkley – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Ontario Canada

We found that Brazolot were an enthusiastic advocate for moving to Canada. Once we made the decision to move to Canada, we found that the team were helpful throughout the entire process, responding to all our queries and questions. Joanne was assigned as our case office and she was so helpful. There were times that we were getting confused with all the paperwork, but the team were always there to help with everything. There was so much that they were able to help with, and still helping us even after we have been granted our permanent residency. Thank you so much for all your support and help. Miss. Charlotte Eggleton... Click Here for More

Steven Briggs – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

I started my journey to Canada in early 2016. I had always dreamed of immigrating but with my age then I wasn't sure if it was possible anymore. I contacted Brazolot Migration Group and they said not only could I live and work in Canada, but I could move permanently because of everything I had already achieved in my life. This was my chance and I jumped at it. As of now I am a permanent resident of Canada, and am in the process of choosing where I would like to settle in Canada and finding work. I could not have achieved any of this without Brazolot Migration's help, and... Click Here for More

Paul & Sue Walters – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Canadian Flag in the mountains

Brazolot were instrumental in securing our permanent residency visa’s and we absolutely could not have done it without them. They were so helpful at every stage of the process with clear concise direction and support and were available to speak whenever we needed them. We received our visa’s in record time and whilst being organised definitely helped, we credit Brazolot and their expertise with this achievement. We do feel that their service is fantastic value for money considering the effort and management time that they put into the process. We cannot recommend Brazolot highly enough and are very grateful to them for making our dream of a new life in... Click Here for More

Anna Nishcheretova – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Toronto Canada

I am really happy I've chosen Brazolot Migration Group as my immigration specialist. Although it was uncertain and even scary for me in the beginning (there are a lot of scam immigration firms in Toronto), I strongly believe working with this firm was the best decision I could make. Risk taken and money spent was worth it as in the end I've got what I wanted in the shortest possible time. There was no kind of serious issues or unpleasant situations for me including financial matters, even though I am living in Ontario and mostly all communications were on distance (phone or email). So great job overall! Personal contact is... Click Here for More

Jamie & Simone Denton – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

All members of BMG that we have had the pleasure of dealing with have been helpful and cooperative from the very first conference in London that we attended - through to the final stages of our visa application. The experience was exciting and daunting at the same time. It was a long process and one that will continue on now that we are here in Canada. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we would only regret it later on in life if we didn’t go through with the application. BMG are there every step of the way and no question was a silly question. Our dream of... Click Here for More

Richie & Hayley Highfield – Testimonial

British Columbia

On and off for years Richie and I spoke about emigrating but were not serious enough to do something about it. Due to being caught up in everyday life, education and training, we settled with “it’s just a dream” and realistically it probably would never happen. However, after our marriage in March 2015, we decided to look into emigrating further to see if it actually possible for us to live our “dream”. This is when the Brazolot team stepped in! We went to see BMG at a seminar in Birmingham in November 2015. When we arrived, we were so overwhelmed by how many people attended and quite obviously, we all... Click Here for More

Shahina and Leigh Quinton – Testimonial

Canadian Flag in the mountains

Dear Brazolot Team We had a dream when we had our daughter to move somewhere like Canada where we could enjoy its beauty and do more things as a family. A few years ago that's exactly what it was, a dream, until we attended an expo in Manchester. We listened to Beau's seminar and were hooked from that moment. After 12 months, Brazolot continued to work hard and found us a way into Canada and made our dream come true. We are extremely overwhelmed at how Brazolot have dealt with our application for permanent residency. They have been efficient beyond belief and extremely supportive of our personal circumstances. We expected... Click Here for More

Mark – Testimonial

Alberta Canada

From start to finish, the service that Brazolot Migration Group provided was excellent. I first met with Dennis “Beau” Brazolot late October 2014. During that first meeting, everything was explained to me, from how the process works, how long it could take, the cost, and what was expected from me, but more importantly the service and help that I would receive from them in helping me move to Edmonton. All throughout my application if I had any questions, regardless how trivial I thought they may be, my case officers (Christopher Hancock & Heather Clark) would ensure that they were answered promptly, whether this was via email or telephone, with all... Click Here for More

Pedzisai Murape – Testimonial

Toronto Canada

I met the Brazolot Migration Group team at a skills migration seminar in London. I remember walking to their stand and meeting Dennis and telling him that nurses are not required in Canada. He asked me to wait a minute and talk to someone; that's when he introduced me to Chris. I remember how Chris was so professional and enthusiastic. His enthusiasm was so infectious. I ended up signing up and giving them my details and did not think much of it after that. To my pleasant surprise, I received an email with Canada Migration and an appointment to meet up with Dennis. I met Dennis and he was very... Click Here for More

Daniel Chan – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Vancouver Canada

I have found Brazolot Migration Group to be incredibly efficient in dealing with my immigration procedures. Having been failed previously by an immigration agent, BMG took up my case very quickly and they have been extremely helpful and professional. I am regularly informed of my application status and the BMG team gets back to me very quickly every time I have a query either via email or telephone. I have already recommended their services to my colleagues who are interested in emigrating to Canada, and will continue to use their service for future applications. Thank you BMG team! --- Daniel Chan Click Here for More

The Toner Family – Testimonial

Alberta Canada

After 3 years of first applying for Permanent Residency in Canada, the dream is now becoming a reality We flew out to Canada on the 29th September 2016 for the start of an exciting new journey. The stress levels of the whole process, were one of the hardest life experiences that we have had to endure. Our frustrations and worry were sometimes laid upon Chris and later on with Dennis from Brazolot Migration Group. Throughout the whole process, they remained Professional, Calm, Helpful (sometimes not appreciated) and totally committed on gaining Permanent Residency for us. A huge thank you to Chris, Dennis and the rest of the unsung heroes. I... Click Here for More

Michelle & Adam – Testimonial

We first started the process of moving to Canada almost 3 years ago. Our case has been far from straight forward, with 2 extra Countries worth of paperwork, a wedding, relocating for work, and a few surprises along the way to deal with! So we really got our money’s worth from the Brazolot team! But despite the challenges, they have always been there to help us through each hurdle, answer our (many) questions no matter how small, and help us ultimately realise our dream of moving to Canada. We can’t thank the team enough for helping us to finally achieve what has been a dream for the last 15 years.... Click Here for More

Simon Bullock – Testimonial

Canadian Flag in the mountains

I signed up with the Brazolot Migration Group in December 2011, after having attended an immigration expo in London and deciding upon applying for permanent residency via the Skilled Worker Category. Straight away, Brazolot Migration Group were in contact outlining the steps involved and the information they required in order to complete the application on my behalf. My paperwork was ready by March 2012, however the Canadian government decided to pull the entire immigration process in favour of an expedited service, which meant my application and everyone else who applied were revoked until the new system was announced. There were delays from the Canadian government in getting the new system... Click Here for More

Paul Telford – Testimonial

Toronto Canada

A big thank you and recommendation for Brazolot Migration Group (B.M.G). I have recently gained Canadian citizenship with the excellent help, advice and guidance from the team at B.M.G. It was a process made so much easier and less stressful by a team who have someone specialized in every different part of the process from before the move to becoming a citizen. During the entire process, I was supported and helped by Dennis E. A. Brazolot, Helen Brereton, Donna M. Vigliucci, Amanda Morgan and Nina Palladini. Throughout my experience, they were very supportive and always helped me get the solution to my concern, no matter how big or trivial I... Click Here for More

Jess – Testimonial

Ontario Canada

Hi, I moved to Canada one year ago today, thanks to your expert help and advice! I absolutely love the country, people, nature etc! I feel very much at home here! The last year has been very eventful, at times emotional, challenging, and very busy. But I love where I am, met a lot of amazing helpful people, made wonderful new friends, started a small business, spent lots of time in nature, and feel like my life is finally going in the right direction. Love Canada! Thank you for making my dream a reality! PS: most people I met here who used immigration consultants have been very disappointed with them... Click Here for More

Alison and Christopher Rose – Testimonial

Moving to Calgary, Canada

We could not have navigated the visa application process without Brazolot Migration Group! With their inside knowledge of the system and possible pitfalls and challenges, Brazolot Migration Group made sure our application for permanent residence was successful. Our case worker, Christopher Hancock handled all our queries, whether by email or phone, professionally and with a genuine interest in our success. With ample support in the way of suggested websites, recommended partner businesses for international moves, money transfers and pet relocation, and all the recommended reading, we certainly felt well-prepared. We received detailed instructions and knew what to expect when entering the country which relieved a lot of the stress of... Click Here for More

Mr & Mrs Morse – Testimonial

Canadian Flag in the mountains

Brazolot Migration Group has played an integral part in our immigration to Canada. Without their professional help, efficiency and knowledge of the emigration process, we would not now be Canadian Permanent Residents and on our way to our new lives in Canada. Heather A.C. Clark (Our designated contact) has been great, always available to answer any queries and prompt to answer our emails. We would highly recommend Brazolot Migration Group to anyone who is considering living in Canada. Thank you for all the help you have given. Kind Regards — Mr & Mrs Morse Click Here for More

Hamish and Nicola Donaldson – Testimonial

At first, we were very wary of Immigration companies after a couple of attempts to move country unsuccessfully. When we found and contacted Brazolot Migration Group (B.M.G), the staff were extremely professional, re-assuring and friendly. We felt at ease the first time we met Beau and it was obvious the company knew what they were doing. The whole process was explained clearly and we were given a step by step guide to our new life in Canada. OK - it was not easy all the time and sometimes very frustrating, but we got here in the end - It doesn't happen overnight - it takes time! We've been in Canada... Click Here for More

Daniel, Becky and Leo Wray – Testimonial

The Wrays Canadian Selfie

I would just like to say a massive thank you to Brazolot Migration Group for making our dream become reality. We finally received our Permanent Residency about a week ago. In the 4 years that we have been going through this long difficult process, Beau and Marion have been there to guide us through every step. Marion was fantastic in every way, whether it was to give advice, answer my silly questions or just to put our minds at rest. She always found the right thing to say. I could not even imagine where we would be now without them and look forward to gaining our Canadian Citizenship when the... Click Here for More

Nick & Katherine Rockell – Testimonial

Canadian Flag in the mountains

We decided to use an Immigration Lawyer to keep our process smooth with as quick a timeline as possible. Brazolot met this need and more, providing quick responses, clear instructions and detailed advice every time we needed it. Everyone we dealt with at Brazolot was knowledgeable, friendly and very patient with us. They understood that we needed them as a reassuring knowledge base that provided direction and clarity; everyone we had contact with provided just that. Even through handover of our process to different contacts we were kept completely up to date, with no negative effects on our application. Brazolot made the whole application process clear and less daunting for... Click Here for More

Aimee & David Hartnoll – Testimonial

My husband and I just want to say a huge thank you to Brazolot Migration Group for your hard work over the years. You guys have helped us become Permanent Residents, and are now helping us become Canadian citizens. We've always found each assigned staff member to be kind and helpful, and always recieved a quick response to queries - which is something that I particularly like. A particular thanks to Marion. She has always been there to answer my more "silly" questions and does so with kindness and patience. I have recommended Brazolot Migration Group in the past, and would definitely do so in the future. --- Aimee &... Click Here for More

Darren & Theresa Gregory – Testimonial

Alberta Canada

Darren & I wanted to take the time to write a testimonial with regards to the fantastic service we have received from Brazolot Migration Group. We first met with Beau at the Canada Live expo held in Birmingham. His presentation was extremely informative & we had an opportunity to meet with him afterward for a few general questions that he was able to answer. We also met & spoke with Donna who was able to provide excellent advice to Darren in preparation of applying for the FSTP visa. Darren’s qualifications in UK, meant he was required to sit the Red Seal examinations for an Electrician in Canada. Whilst this was... Click Here for More

Ian & Katherine Holt – Testimonial

Vancouver Canada

I would like to thank everyone at Brazolot Migration Group for helping us finally realize our dream of moving to Canada. It has been a long process and at times exhausting, but with the help of everyone at B.M.G, we finally got our Permanent Residency Documents!! We recently flew over to Canada for a fact finding trip and to look at the North Vancouver Area. On that trip we spoke to a British couple who were working out there. They had their permanent residency application refused a few months earlier and they didn't know why. All they knew is that they have to start the process again. This is exactly... Click Here for More

Andrea & Sheldon Johnson – Testimonial

Ontario Canada

A few years ago my wife and I decided that we would like to relocate to Canada and had started looking at the immigration paperwork, however it was quite daunting to say the least and we had no idea where to even start. A friend told us about a “Canada Live” event in Glasgow in which there would be people providing information for immigrating to Canada, so we jumped at the chance to go. This is when we first came in contact with BMG. They were extremely enthusiastic and helpful in going over our situation. As I’m Canadian and my wife is Scottish, they had told us that the visa... Click Here for More

Stacey & Scott Baxendale-White – Testimonial

Canadian Flag in the mountains

The experience we have had with BMG has been a really good one. They have always been there on the end of the phone or email to answer any questions we had, no matter how small. The staff members were always polite and patient and made the process easy by explaining things in simple terms to make it clear. We always knew what part of the process we were at and how much more we had to do. I would recommend BMG to anyone looking to immigrate. They are an excellent company. Thank you all for your help and making it an easy process. --- Stacey & Scott Baxendale-White –... Click Here for More

R & J S – Testimonial

We met Brazolot Migration Group at an expo in Manchester 2013 and I jokily said to my wife "this will be the best £50 ever spent" when paying for our initial consultation. Due to our ever-changing circumstances, after just over 2.5years, the Brazolot team, especially Christopher, managed to secure our final COPRs. Midway through our application, due to immigration rule changes, we chose to change our visa application type and BMG made it all possible. We are very grateful BMG helped us over the years to realise our dream. BMG promptly and courteously attended to our requests and helped us meet the various critical deadlines. Also, many headaches were avoided,... Click Here for More

Nick Eaton – Testimonial

Toronto at Night

During the whole process of applying for my Skilled Migrant Visa, the support from the team at BMG has been invaluable. From deciding to embark on the process, considering options, right through to preparing to board the flight to Toronto to get the all important stamp in the passport, the team were there to support me with professionalism whilst keeping that very important personal touch to the way they work with their clients. No matter what questions I had, there was always a quick response to all my queries and despite a number of process challenges along the way, BMG have been able to get everything sorted for my new... Click Here for More

Steven & Claudia Ingram-Mitchell

Alberta Canada

We would personally like to thank everyone at BMG for all their help. Extra praise to Joanne Hunt and Donna Vigliucci for all their professional help and hard work and of course for steadying our nerves with the whole process. At times we didn't think the day would come when we would be here living the dream, having a better life for our family. I got a job through the LMIA as a fibre optic technician in Grande Prairie, settled in really quickly and got promoted after a few months. Claudia also got promoted in her job after 5 weeks, I think the experience we have from back home in... Click Here for More

Alex P – Testimonial

Canadian Flag in the mountains

First class service! I was so clueless and lost about the whole immigration process and Brazolot helped me immensely, every member of the team and especially my case officer Chris were always so helpful and they are more than worth every penny for their services. A year and a month after my first contact with them I have my confirmation documents in my hand and the biggest smile on my face. I don't THINK I could have done this without Brazolot Migration group, I KNOW I couldn't have. Thank you so much B.M.G for helping me so much to achieve making a dream a reality. The whole process was painless... Click Here for More

Anas Aljabo – Testimonial

Toronto Canada

I am happy to let you know that I have arrived to Toronto on the 16th/Nov/2015. Immigration check went smoothly, managed to open a bank account the day after and also got a SIN number. I am writing this email mainly to express how thankful I am for all the help and support you guys have provided throughout the process of applying for the PR. It is a life changing opportunity for me, and you guys have played a major role in making this happen. Beau, I saw you the first time when you gave a talk at the International Working Expo in London, March 2014. Your talk was very... Click Here for More

Chris Philpott – Testimonial

Chris Philpott on the day of his Canadian Citizenship Oath

Looking back, it’s hard to believe that it has been over eleven years since I first met with Beau at Heathrow Airport to start the emigration process, yet I can still remember the occasion clearly. Later this year will be the ninth anniversary of my arrival in Canada, the third anniversary of my becoming a Canadian Citizen, and the fourth anniversary of my marriage to Gena! The whole emigration process was surprisingly easy for me...I think primarily because I was making the move alone, and so I did not have the added pressure of worrying about putting someone else through it all with me. I had wanted to emigrate to... Click Here for More

Ian & Aly Woodley – Testimonial

Ian & Alyson Woodley enjoying life in Canada

We originally explored the potential to move to Canada back in the early 2000’s. Canada appealed to us as a young family where the kids could grow up in an outdoors, healthy environment and where there was a good opportunity to really get that work / life balance. We decided straight away to use the services of professional consultants to advise us and guide us through the application process. This was a big move and certainly warranted calling in the experts. We did a lot of research and really did our due diligence and Brazolot Migration Group kept coming up as the industry experts. Needless to say we employed the... Click Here for More

Mirka & Mahdi Eftekhari Moghaddam – Testimonial

We first met Dennis in London and from the very beginning we felt a very positive energy from him and thought it was a very encouraging start. Throughout the whole process we were very carefully guided by our case officer, Heather. Nothing was ever too much trouble for her; she always responded quickly and was generally able to help with all our questions and queries. I am absolutely certain that we would never have done this without Brazolot. With the sheer amount of documents required such as declarations, certificates and references, we would not have been able to gather all of these without Heather's constant assurance that we were doing... Click Here for More

Hilary Field – Testimonial

Canadian Flag in the mountains

I decided to move to Canada since I wanted more job satisfaction and more opportunities for all of us, especially my daughter........and somewhere it didn’t rain 24/7......okay so now I have lots of snow, but lots of blue skies too. At the time we went through the process it was quite terrifying as you have such a strong desire to go and yet no control in the outcome, you want everything to be perfect to optimise your chances and the waiting seemed endless. Looking back now I feel it was pretty seamless and done before I expected. It can be challenging to provide the necessary information for the application and... Click Here for More

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