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Anas Aljabo – Testimonial

Toronto Canada

I am happy to let you know that I have arrived to Toronto on the 16th/Nov/2015. Immigration check went smoothly, managed to open a bank account the day after and also got a SIN number.

I am writing this email mainly to express how thankful I am for all the help and support you guys have provided throughout the process of applying for the PR. It is a life changing opportunity for me, and you guys have played a major role in making this happen.

Beau, I saw you the first time when you gave a talk at the International Working Expo in London, March 2014. Your talk was very interesting, and got me to sign up for the initial consultation. I googled your company, and as you know there are all sort of information on the internet: good and bad depending entirely on individual experiences and circumstances. We met face-to-face May/2014 in London for about an hour. You came across as genuine and experienced in what you do, and I was happy to sign the contract and commit to paying a significant amount of money. This was an excellent investment in my future and it is well worth it.

Christopher, for more than a year your emails have brought to me all sorts of feelings: happiness and sometimes upsetting! I will never forget your name, as I was refreshing my mail inbox in my phone everyday hoping to get good news from you. You have always been patient and very helpful.

Thank you again guys, and I will make sure to recommend your services to everyone I know that might need them.


— Anas Aljabo

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