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Andrea & Sheldon Johnson – Testimonial

Ontario Canada

A few years ago my wife and I decided that we would like to relocate to Canada and had started looking at the immigration paperwork, however it was quite daunting to say the least and we had no idea where to even start.

A friend told us about a “Canada Live” event in Glasgow in which there would be people providing information for immigrating to Canada, so we jumped at the chance to go. This is when we first came in contact with BMG. They were extremely enthusiastic and helpful in going over our situation. As I’m Canadian and my wife is Scottish, they had told us that the visa process would be pretty straightforward which was quite a reassuring thing to hear. At that point we made arrangements to meet Dennis to discuss the visa process in further detail.

When we met with Dennis, he explained how the process would work in which they would take care of filling out and sending off the paperwork and all we would have to do is provide information as needed which again was a massive relief as it took all of the guess work out of filling out the forms.

Our caseworkers Nina and Paul couldn’t be any more helpful. They were in regular contact whether it was by phone or email and they were always happy to answer any questions we had, no matter how trivial it may seem. The way they explained everything was always easy to understand without any overcomplicated jargon.

Due to a backlog with Canadian immigration we were expecting the visa process to take quite some time as we were told it could take up to 2-3 years until completion. We were pleasantly surprised that my wife’s visa came through roughly a year after the initial paperwork was sent to immigration. As we write this, we are now in the process of preparing for our big move to Canada later this year.

Once in Canada our contact with Brazolot will continue until my wife applies for a full Canadian citizenship in which they will provide full assistance and support.

Overall our experience with Brazolot has been fantastic and they have made the visa process so much easier and we would highly recommend Brazolot to anyone who is considering a move to Canada.

— Andrea & Sheldon Johnson – c2814

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