Hamish and Nicola Donaldson - Testimonial - Brazolot Migration Group

Hamish and Nicola Donaldson – Testimonial

At first, we were very wary of Immigration companies after a couple of attempts to move country unsuccessfully.

When we found and contacted Brazolot Migration Group (B.M.G), the staff were extremely professional, re-assuring and friendly. We felt at ease the first time we met Beau and it was obvious the company knew what they were doing.

The whole process was explained clearly and we were given a step by step guide to our new life in Canada.

OK – it was not easy all the time and sometimes very frustrating, but we got here in the end – It doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time!

We’ve been in Canada for three years now and are very happy with our new lives. We couldn’t have done it without B.M.G and the great thing is, we still contact them with questions and they are always happy to help.

We definitely would recommend the Brazolot Migration Group to everyone! They are true professionals who are with you the whole way!

— Hamish and Nicola Donaldson

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