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Hilary Field – Testimonial

Canadian Flag in the mountains

I decided to move to Canada since I wanted more job satisfaction and more opportunities for all of us, especially my daughter……..and somewhere it didn’t rain 24/7……okay so now I have lots of snow, but lots of blue skies too.

At the time we went through the process it was quite terrifying as you have such a strong desire to go and yet no control in the outcome, you want everything to be perfect to optimise your chances and the waiting seemed endless. Looking back now I feel it was pretty seamless and done before I expected.

It can be challenging to provide the necessary information for the application and completing the English language test, but it was worth it knowing that I would have Canadian permanent residency at the end of the process.

My new life in Canada has given me great satisfaction, both professionally and personally. I get to experience a new culture and the beautiful Rockies are on my doorstep.

Working with BMG provided me with a voice of calm and reason when I felt it would never happen, their advice was invaluable, especially the advice to go straight for PR.

I think I was a little surprised that I still had to fill in all the forms!


— Hilary

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