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Ian & Aly Woodley – Testimonial

Ian & Alyson Woodley enjoying life in Canada

We originally explored the potential to move to Canada back in the early 2000’s. Canada appealed to us as a young family where the kids could grow up in an outdoors, healthy environment and where there was a good opportunity to really get that work / life balance. We decided straight away to use the services of professional consultants to advise us and guide us through the application process. This was a big move and certainly warranted calling in the experts. We did a lot of research and really did our due diligence and Brazolot Migration Group kept coming up as the industry experts.

Needless to say we employed the services of Brazolot Migration Group whose advice and direction was second to none. In fact our application was approved in record time. Once all of the necessary documentation is collated and forms completed, the process was very smooth and very quick.

We landed in Calgary in 2006 and absolutely love our life here. There is space for families and individuals to breathe and explore new hobbies or professions. That said, it definitely pays to have employment set up in advance if possible. However smooth the process the move is still an emotional one with some stressful moments as everything is new. So the more taken care of beforehand, the less there is to worry about when you land. Quite honestly there is nothing more difficult here to overcome than anywhere else. In fact the friendliness of Canadians and their willingness to help, make any obstacles that much easier to solve.

This is a life changing experience and for us it has been fantastic and continues to be. We would absolutely recommend and endorse the services of Brazolot Migration Group.

Best regards,

— Ian & Aly

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