Pedzisai Murape – Testimonial - Brazolot Migration Group

Pedzisai Murape – Testimonial

Toronto Canada

I met the Brazolot Migration Group team at a skills migration seminar in London. I remember walking to their stand and meeting Dennis and telling him that nurses are not required in Canada. He asked me to wait a minute and talk to someone; that’s when he introduced me to Chris. I remember how Chris was so professional and enthusiastic. His enthusiasm was so infectious. I ended up signing up and giving them my details and did not think much of it after that. To my pleasant surprise, I received an email with Canada Migration and an appointment to meet up with Dennis. I met Dennis and he was very professional and honest. I remember asking him if he could get me to Canada and he looked at me and said “honestly I can do this, I have a high success rate.” I signed up and asked for Chris to be my case worker. That became the best request I ever made. After that, Chris contacted me and sent me all the paperwork that I needed to complete and he and Dennis guided me all the way on how to complete the paperwork. I received professional help all the way. I found it very easy to communicate with Chris as he was very approachable and he was quick to respond to my e-mails or telephone calls. I am grateful for the update that I received regularly on the progress of my application from the beginning to the end. Now I have received my Permanent Residence thanks to Dennis and his team. For anyone wishing to migrate I highly recommend Brazolot Migration Group.

— Pedzisai Murape

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