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Simon Bullock – Testimonial

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I signed up with the Brazolot Migration Group in December 2011, after having attended an immigration expo in London and deciding upon applying for permanent residency via the Skilled Worker Category.

Straight away, Brazolot Migration Group were in contact outlining the steps involved and the information they required in order to complete the application on my behalf.

My paperwork was ready by March 2012, however the Canadian government decided to pull the entire immigration process in favour of an expedited service, which meant my application and everyone else who applied were revoked until the new system was announced.

There were delays from the Canadian government in getting the new system up on time and Brazolot Migration Group was good enough to (a) keep me informed on a timely basis and (b) offer a settlement on the bill if I didn’t want to wait and cancel the entire application.

I decided to pursue the application once the new system was announced.

Once the new system was up and running, B.M.G informed me of any changes and was quick to get the new application over to me. Unfortunately due to complications on my side i.e. my university failing to get the relevant information to me on time, the quota for the skilled worker application was met which meant I would need to apply the following year.

It was March 2014 when my application was sent to CIC services for processing. I heard back from the Canadian immigration service by August, did my medical in September and had my paperwork sent to me by November that year.

Although I had some major setbacks during my application process, none of which were Brazolot Migration Group’s fault, they were very good at keeping me informed the entire time and the response from their staff was first class e.g. quick to reply, acknowledge any changes in the process which might affect my application etc…

I was working full-time in a highly stressed environment and I had no time to research and do the application myself. If I did this process on my own, it would have meant doing internet research and taking time out, which is not possible especially when I’m travelling away for work a lot of the time.

Using Brazolot services meant the application was being dealt with in the background and when necessary, they would inform me in due course any information they required to get the application processed.

I would also like to thank Dennis, Helen, my case officer Joanne and all the B.M.G staff, for their hard work and dedication in getting me my permanent residency for Canada.

Would I recommend Brazolot service? Yes! Without a shadow of a doubt.”

— Simon Bullock

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