Steven & Claudia Ingram-Mitchell - Brazolot Migration Group

Steven & Claudia Ingram-Mitchell

Alberta Canada

We would personally like to thank everyone at BMG for all their help. Extra praise to Joanne Hunt and Donna Vigliucci for all their professional help and hard work and of course for steadying our nerves with the whole process.

At times we didn’t think the day would come when we would be here living the dream, having a better life for our family.

I got a job through the LMIA as a fibre optic technician in Grande Prairie, settled in really quickly and got promoted after a few months. Claudia also got promoted in her job after 5 weeks, I think the experience we have from back home in our previous jobs definitely helped.

BMG explained everything to us, made everything simple with questions that we didn’t think we could get answers for or if we totally didn’t understand something. BMG did all the hard work, we will always be grateful for meeting them and having a helping hand.

BMG help you live the dream and have 100% confidence in them.

— Steven & Claudia Ingram-Mitchell

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