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Richie & Hayley Highfield – Testimonial

British Columbia

On and off for years Richie and I spoke about emigrating but were not serious enough to do something about it. Due to being caught up in everyday life, education and training, we settled with “it’s just a dream” and realistically it probably would never happen. However, after our marriage in March 2015, we decided to look into emigrating further to see if it actually possible for us to live our “dream”.

This is when the Brazolot team stepped in!

We went to see BMG at a seminar in Birmingham in November 2015. When we arrived, we were so overwhelmed by how many people attended and quite obviously, we all shared the same ambition. We were welcomed and helped by the entire BMG team that day. We particularly spoke with Donna who asked us some questions which helped them determine whether or not it was realistic to move to Canada. After this brief meeting we decided to go ahead and meet up again at a later date on a one to one. We felt BMG would guide us in the right direction.
At the one to one meeting with Donna and Helen, they were professional, relaxed and understanding as to why we want to wanted to live in Canada. They told us what hoops we needed to jump through if we wanted to go ahead. Now there was no stopping us! By January 2016 Richie had a job offer with solely the help from BMG, therefore our work permits got applied for and by April 2016 we sold everything we owned in England and flew to Kelowna BC with our 2 dogs, couple of suitcases and a few personal belongings which followed us via boat.
After a couple of months of loving our new home, settling in better than expected and both working in jobs we enjoyed, Chris got in touch to begin the process of Permanent Residency. By July 2016 all our paperwork was submitted and January 2017 we became permanent residents of Canada! Talk about a fast process! It still feels unreal.
Thanks to everyone at BMG, they are all an asset to this company. It is not an easy process and with the help from these amazing people, they made the ride much easier. In a nutshell, it took us 4 months to get to Canada and within 9 months of being in Canada we were permanent residents. We cannot thank BMG enough for all their help, determination, professionalism, understanding and care throughout. Emigrating is truly one huge emotional rollercoaster and these guys just take the edge off things.
We have recommended BMG to friends of ours who also wish to “live their dream”. “Believe that anything is possible, and it will happen” – trust BMG.

Thank you again for everything and we wish you all the very best in helping others like us.
Richie & Hayley Highfield

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