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Anna Nishcheretova – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Toronto Canada

I am really happy I’ve chosen Brazolot Migration Group as my immigration specialist.
Although it was uncertain and even scary for me in the beginning (there are a lot of scam immigration firms in Toronto), I strongly believe working with this firm was the best decision I could make. Risk taken and money spent was worth it as in the end I’ve got what I wanted in the shortest possible time. There was no kind of serious issues or unpleasant situations for me including financial matters, even though I am living in Ontario and mostly all communications were on distance (phone or email). So great job overall!
Personal contact is an important thing and I was lucky to meet Christopher Hancock who became later the primary contact and immigration specialist working with my case. It was a pleasure to work with Chris as he is very professional, polite and always eager to help. He takes his work seriously and responsibly.
I was applying for PR through Express Entry and my case was pretty tricky. In the beginning, before signing any contract, I’d received an honest and realistic forecast along with options available to me. After the agreement was signed, the process started right away. It might have seemed that there was still a lot of time to gather documents – but in reality there is never enough time and I am glad we started in advance. Chris was very detail oriented and he carefully tracked all the necessary documentation, reminding me what is still needed and checking each file to make sure they are satisfying, which I appreciate a lot. All the uncertain issues that we’ve faced on this path were solved and sorted out. Chris did his best in making my profile as good as possible and the result was just great!
I am very thankful to Christopher and the Brazolot Migration group and highly recommend this firm!

— Anna Nishcheretova

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