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Li Huang – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Alberta Canada

I would like to share my appreciation to all of you for the support along the way to obtain my permanent residence status.

When I began to look into this process, I was very confused about the steps, and had very little idea about some of the terms used in the application. I was very anxious, as I was not sure what the future is going to be after I worked so hard in Canada for about 6 years. I knew I really wished to stay in Canada, because I had already built a life here. It felt like a burden that I carried with me everywhere.

Then I began to seek for help from friends, family, and other related agencies. None of which was able to give me a sure answer until I talked to Dennis Brazolot. He assured me on the first phone call that he was confident that he could help me with the case. I was soon contacted by Christopher, my case consultant. He helped me tremendously throughout the whole process. I was able to get a timely answer to any questions all the time, and he was very patient with me. Whenever something was needed for the application process, I would see the email of request right away. They made all the difference in helping me to apply for the permanent residence status. I am happy to report that my application is approved!

Thank you so much again. I greatly appreciate all the effort that Christopher and the whole Brazolot
Migration Group had provided to me.

Li Huang

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