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Chris & Kathryn Gregory – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

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Brazolot Migration Group Seminar

Kathryn and I would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation for all the hard work everyone at Brazolot Migration Group (in particular Joanne) has put in, to help us attain our permanent residency visas.

Our journey of immigration started with an impromptu trip from Bath to Birmingham to attend a ‘Canada Live’ event. After hearing a presentation from another company about applying to emigrate to Australia, we sat there thinking just how unlikely it will be we would ever be able to emigrate to another country. However, we came to learn more about Canada, so stayed for the Brazolot seminar. We are so so glad we did. Helen stepped up to the stage and gave a positive and confident presentation that was filled with genuine excitement to share her story and what moving to Canada has done for her life.

We waited a long time after the presentation to wait to speak to one of the BMG representatives but it was well worth it. Chris and Helen were filled with lots of information we could take away, and we penned an application form on the spot for the chance to have a private more in depth appointment. We then met with Helen and Chris again in London, where Chris welcomed us and went into his background. Again he spoke with such positivity and pleasure about his experiences and job that we were itching to find out how plausible our chance to move to Canada would be. Helen then sat with us and went through our points scores, our options, our chances. She was very honest, very professional and with a degree of warmth that made us feel if we were to do this, then without question Brazolot Migration Group would be worth their weight in gold. We had no idea just how many pitfalls there were to the application process but using the Brazolot Migration Group took away all that worry and stress of possibly putting a foot wrong somewhere along the line.

We were assigned the lovely Joanne, another expat who we built a nice bond with. Again, she had such excitement in the way she spoke, that it was always nice to speak with her over Skype to go through anything we weren’t 100% certain with. She was ALWAYS on hand for us. Whether we needed just a clarification email, or confirmation something had been received, she was always always, ALWAYS accessible. For those things alone we could not be more thankful to her. There were many ups and downs along the way, but Joanne maintained just the right level of calmness, friendliness and professionalism to keep Kathryn and I on an even keel. Nothing was ever too stupid to ask and she very much made sure we were always on top of gathering any documents, information or details she needed.

Once we were selected and invited to apply, again, within less than a couple of hours of receiving the news, Joanne was ringing us to confirm we had been invited to apply and was ready with all the info we needed to get stuff ready for our application. She broke everything down simply, and got our application sent off within several weeks of our invite, without a single stone unturned.

Brazolot Migration Canadian Immigration Expo

Thanks to Joanne, once our application had been submitted we were left feeling very confident that there would be no hiccups. 3 months later she was calling again with the amazing news we had been accepted. It was so nice (amongst all the bitter sweet sadness of everyone in the UK knowing we were going) that we had someone like Joanne to share that moment with. Again, without skipping a beat, Joanne made sure we were well informed about what we needed to do next, what she will do at her end, and to let us both know that she was there if we needed anything. Thank you for everything Joanne.

From Joanne, we were then contacted by the relocation team straight away with a pack filled with all the essential information we needed to know about completing our move. In fact the relocation team have sent us so much information, we still haven’t had the chance to read all of it yet. But that’s something we have realised about working with Joanne, no amount of information is too much, and send it over to be safe rather than sorry.

Having now just sold our house privately, we are looking forward to a nice holiday over Christmas and New Year on the gulf coast of Florida before we leave the warmth behind and head up to Vancouver to officially land. From there we will be making our way across the whole of Canada for 10 weeks to seek out a place we would love to settle and look for jobs. We have so much to look forward to, and Kathryn and I can both say, we have everyone at BMG to thank for an enormous amount of that.

Thank you to everyone, we would never hesitate to pass on your details and share our impeccable experience with Brazolot Migration Group.

All the very best and warmest regards,

Chris & Kathryn Gregory

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