Alexia Cazan & Giampaolo Litta – Canadian Immigration Testimonial - Brazolot Migration Group

Alexia Cazan & Giampaolo Litta – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Canadian Flag in the mountains

Our adventure with Brazolot Migration Group started back in 2014 when we met in Birmingham UK during an immigration fair. A couple of weeks after the fair we had a skype call with Dennis, who was very kind and clear in explaining the steps we needed to take in order to apply for a visa. Unfortunately, some family issues prevented us from moving forward at the time, but a few years later, when all was back to normal we contacted Dennis again. Much to our surprise, he remembered us from before and once again took us through what was needed to apply for a visa. A couple of days later, we were contacted by Chris, our case officer, who helped us through this long process. He was always kind, available and ready to answer any question we might have had. I won’t lie by telling you it was a breeze to get everything done, but the task was definitely made easier by having someone hold our hand all the way. Given we live in Italy, the home of bureaucracy, it probably took longer to get all the documents we needed, and get everything translated. Once we submitted our application, things moved very fast and we receive our PR just in time for Christmas. Chris was invaluable in guiding us through the application process and handled everything very professionally. Thanks Chris, Dennis and the rest of the Brazolot team.

Alexia Cazan & Giampaolo Litta

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