Laura Brown & Michael Allinson – Canadian Immigration Testimonial - Brazolot Migration Group

Laura Brown & Michael Allinson – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Alberta Canada

We were introduced to Brazolot Migration Group (B.M.G.) in December 2012 at an immigration expo and they have supported us through our 5 year journey to obtaining Permanent Residency status in Canada. It was a long process with changes to the eligibility criteria along the way, but the team at Brazolot, and in particular Chris, supported us throughout the whole process and never once dropped the ball in achieving our goal of residency in Canada. Chris was always on hand keeping us up to date with the latest information and status of our application, and has also helped with our pre move queries. It was a pleasure working with Brazolot, and quite simply we would not have Permanent Residency status without them. We would highly recommend them to anyone else looking to relocate to Canada.”
Best Regards
Laura Brown & Michael Allinson

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