Nicola and Hamish Donaldson – Canadian Immigration Testimonial - Brazolot Migration Group

Nicola and Hamish Donaldson – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Canadian Passport

We had a couple of bad experiences with Immigration Companies and were very dubious to start with when we connected with Brazolot Migration Group. However, our fears were overturned very quickly as soon as we met Dennis and we knew then that this team knew exactly what they were doing. From our initial sign up all the way through to getting our citizenship in Canada, the team were always there to help, by phone or by email and they guided us through the whole process with very few hiccups. We would highly recommend this team, they are always friendly, professional and always there when we needed help and advice. We were very impressed too that once we got to Canada, they made sure we got settled in OK and were still there if we needed them – which we can assure was a lot in the beginning! It was a big roller-coaster of a journey to get here and it took a couple of years to get settled. We wouldn’t move away now – we have made our home here and although the winters can be terrible, we are always guaranteed the hot summers! There are a few culture changes to adjust to but being here for over 6 years now, we feel like ”locals” now! We are glad to have met the team at Brazolot Migration Group!
Nicola and Hamish Donaldson

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