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Brazolot Migration Group – The Administration Team

The administration team is responsible for providing a range of services including, telephone inquiries, evaluating worksheets, scheduling consultations, organizing trade events in the UK, sending out information packs and overseeing the human resources and accounts. The administration team is committed to providing an excellent customer service.

Amanda J. Morgan – Office Manager

Amanda was born and raised in the UK. While living in England, she enjoyed travelling to other European countries such as Greece, France, Belgium and The Netherlands. She has also travelled to The Gambia in Africa. In 1990 she relocated with her husband from Norfolk to Scotland. After five years they had the opportunity to relocate to Canada, and decided it would be a good experience for their family.

They moved over in November 1995. After two years in Canada they were once again on the move, this time to the Southern U.S.A. While there they took advantage of the mild weather and enjoyed outdoor activities. They also took the opportunity to explore other states. Another transfer gave them the opportunity, which they took, to return to the same area in Canada that had previously become home.

Ulla Jahchan – Office Assistant

I am from Brazil and England and I am now Canadian. I moved to Canada in 2016 looking for a better future for my three children. I found in Canada warm and loving people and I have made Canada my home. I am very happy in Canada.

Since I’ve been here I have gone back to school. I have became a massage therapist and a Reiki master; I am working for Brazolot Migration since January 2023. I have been very welcomed by the team and I’m very happy here.

I am originally Brasilian. My mother is Brasilian and my father is British. I grew up all over the world due to my father‘s profession; he was a soccer coach.

I have lived in many countries in the Middle East such as Saudi, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar, as well as Spain and England in Europe and I also lived and studied in America.

Sara Rita Kosmowska – Office Administrator

Born and raised in Poland. I moved to Canada in 2011 to live in Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories. I lived there for four years before moving to Montreal, Quebec.

I travelled around South America, Eastern Europe and studied one semester in Instanbul, Turkey. I also worked and travelled in the US, visiting Alaska, Texas, Colorado and New York state.

During my ten years in Canada I have visited various provinces such as British Colombia, Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia as well as living in Quebec and the Northwest Territories.

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