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Saturday 27th November!

Welcome to Brazolot Migration Group

It can be a daunting experience to navigate the legal requirements of the immigration processes to live and work in a new country. Brazolot Migration Group prides itself on working closely with our clients to make the experience as smooth as possible. We are an immigration company which is committed to assisting individuals, families and business people achieve their goal of immigrating to another country. Our specializations are Trades / Professional / Study / Business / Family class applications and assisting with temporary work visas. With over 120 years combined experience we can assist you in every aspect of your move to Canada. We offer career assistance and resettlement in-house and full relocation services.


DATE: 23rd December 2020 | Express Entry Points | 468 points 5,000 applications have been selected
DATE: 6th August 2020 | The Federal Skilled Trades | 415 points 250 applications have been selected
DATE: 24th November 2021 | The Provincial Nominee Programme | 737 points 613 applications have been selected
DATE: 14th September 2021 | Canadian Experience Class | 462 points 2,000 applications have been selected

Canadian Immigration Minister announces INCREASE in immigration targets for next 3 years

The Honourable Marco E. L. Mendicino (Canadian Immigration Minister) just announced an INCREASE in our immigration targets for the next 3 years.


Chris & Kathryn Gregory – Canadian Immigration Testimonial

Our journey of immigration started with an impromptu trip from Bath to Birmingham to attend a 'Canada Live' event. After hearing a presentation from another company about applying to emigrate to Australia, we sat there thinking just how unlikely it will be we would ever be able to emigrate to another country. However, we came to learn more about Canada, so stayed for the Brazolot seminar. We are so so glad we did.

Andrea & Sheldon Johnson – Testimonial

A few years ago my wife and I decided that we would like to relocate to Canada and had started looking at the immigration paperwork, however it was quite daunting to say the least and we had no idea where to even start. A friend told us about a “Canada Live” event in...


Summer in Canada

This photo was taken yesterday here (3km) from our office. It’s at Sandy Beach here in Hudson. Summer has definitely arrived here in Canada, with long glorious hot sunny days! Temperatures are in the high 30°c and we are doing what Canadians do best – enjoying our great country!

Another Happy Client!

Canadian Permanent Residency Granted It was a great way to end the week when one of our clients Liam Owen dropped by our Head Office in Hudson to collect his Permanent Resident documents which were granted on the 29th January 2018 . Liam became a client 21st February...

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