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Welcome to the FREE Canada Mini Expo & Workshops

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Why do you want to move to Canada?

We all have our reasons, select yours by clicking on an image below to see how our FREE Online Canada Mini Web Expo could help you Start Your Journey.

A Better Life For The Family?

Be With Family Or
Someone Special?

Start A Business Or For
New Opportunities?

A New Or Better

Start/Continue Studying
In Canada?


New Dates Coming Soon

Our NEW FREEE online mini expo is a two hour online webinar PACKED with valuable information you need for starting your new life in Canada!

There are seminars & workshops throughout the mini expo including the different visa categories available, explaining the qualifying criteria and providing tips on how to make a successful visa application.

We will also be showing short video presentations from the Provinces & Territories which have nominee programs.

While the main focus of the day will be looking at how you can qualify for a Canadian visa, included are workshops which provide an opportunity to hear from leading industry experts on making the move simple.

Why do you want to move to Canada?

A Better Life For The Family?

One thing we can say for absolute certain is that Canada IS Family. Family values and time with family is given the highest priority in Canada. Our work to live and not live to work ethos helps set us apart from almost everywhere else in the world. Time with family is important to us, and we understand it is for you too. However, we understand that making the decision to move your family to another country is one of the biggest decisions you may ever have to make. So we want to be with you every step of the way and give you all the information you need to make the decision easier and the most informed it can be. Our Canada Web Expo covers all aspects of moving your family to Canada and provides a Q&A time for you to ask any questions that you may have. This may be the hardest decision, or the biggest …. But rest assured, it WILL be the best!

Be With Family Or

Someone Special?

If you want to join a loved one in Canada who is already a citizen or resident of Canada, the Family Sponsorship class of visa may be for you. We will review the Family Sponsorship categories for those who have eligible family members who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents. What are the requirements to be a sponsor and who can be sponsored? 

Start A Business In Canada

Canada is the world’s second largest country with a population of only 37 million, so there is lots of space for budding entrepreneurs. Whether you want to set up your own business or invest in an established business, there are opportunities for you across the country. Learn more about how business can be a key factor in your permanent residency application.

A New Or Better


There are currently over 94,000 job postings in Canada, but how do you secure one of them? During the seminar we will explain why you may need a job to come to Canada, how to find employment, and what criteria the employer will need to meet in order to hire you. This is a place to start preparations for your employment search.

Start/Continue Studying In Canada?

Study in Canada. Get a Canadian qualification and the potential to apply for permanent residency in Canada. We will explain how to qualify as an international student, and what happens once you graduate. We will also provide information on how your family members can come to Canada with you while you study!

Featured Immigration Workshops

  • Shipping your goods to Canada – should you just take a suitcase or do you want to take all of your belongings?
  • Transferring your funds to Canada – how can you get the best exchange rates when transferring your funds overseas.
  • Relocating your pets to Canada – find out how to bring your most important member of the family (or best friend) to Canada!

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