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Canada -You CAN go!

Canada – You can go! Is a web series dedicated to different visa classifications for Canadian Immigration. Short concise information with qualified consultants.


All webinars include a Q&A time WITH the Consultants!

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Canada – You CAN Go!

We go in-depth to give you the information you need for each visa to make an informed choice about your best way to Canada! Each webinar includes Q&A time with specialist consultants for that visa. So click a short link and join in below! Register for one or all three. However, we HIGHLY recommend joining in the overview webinar as there may be avenues to living in Canada you have not thought of.

We look forward to seeing you online!

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General Over of Webinars
A great place to start!

Family Sponsorship/P.N.P.
Included in Webisode 1

Study In Canada
Included in Webisode 1

Temp Permits / Jobs
Included in Webisode 2

Skilled Worker
Included in Webisode 2

Tying together Programs
Included in Webisode 2

Canada – You CAN Go!

Includes Series Overview, Provincial Nominee Programs, Family Class & Study

New dates coming soon


A General Overview of All Immigration Programs

In 2023, Canada is hoping to welcome up to 410,000 new permanent residents to the country. In addition, Canada will welcome many thousands of temporary residents throughout the year, from those visiting on holiday to those who will be looking for longer stay as international students or temporary workers. This seminar will give you an overview of the most popular temporary and permanent visa programs available.

Family Sponsorship Webinar/ PNPs Webinar

The seminar will review the Family Sponsorship category and which family members are eligible to sponsor you.

10 provinces and 2 of Canada’s territories have established nomination streams which enable them to nominate eligible candidates who have the skills and experience their economy needs. Find out about the available streams and how they can facilitate your immigration to Canada.

Study In Canada

Remember those halcyon student days? Study in Canada: get a Canadian qualification and the potential to apply for permanent residency in Canada. We will explain how to qualify as an international student, and what happens once you graduate. We will also provide information on how your family members can come to Canada with you while you study!

  Canada – You CAN Go!

How to get a Job/Work Permit, Express Entry / Tying the Programs together

New dates coming soon


Temporary Work Permits / Jobs in Canada Webinar

There are currently over 94,000 job postings in Canada, but how do you secure one of them? During the seminar we will explain why you may need a job to come to Canada, how to find employment, and what criteria the employer will need to meet in order to hire you. This is a place to start preparations for your employment search.

Skilled Worker Visa / Express Entry Webinar

The largest, and hence most popular, immigration category. We will explain how you can qualify as a Skilled Worker and what Express Entry really is.

Tying the Programs Together

A misconception is that express entry is a visa category. It is not!  It’s a visa management tool that select candidates from those who qualify in federal skill worker category, federal skilled trade category, Canadian experience class category and some of the provincial nomination programs.
How you score points and bonus points is how to maximize the programs are explained.

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